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Antonija Pacek, M.Phil

For more than a decade, Antonija has been a passionate international educator, consultant, keynote inspirational speaker, researcher and trainer in the areas of emotional intelligence, people management across cultures, creativity and innovation in organizations, and managing change. Recently she became an associate of a unique international consortium* Inspire Imagine Innovate (i3) founded by Kevin Asbjörnson, MIM. Stirred and moved by Kevin Asbjörnson’s the Artistry of Leadership, Antonija developed complementary programs, Inspiring Creativity in Leaders and Employees and Communication Across Cultures, combining applied psychology, newest research findings on creativity and cross-cultural management, and her personal experience, with a live performance of self-composed, contemporary solo piano music. She has also recorded two albums of solo piano music, titled A Secret Vision and In My Soul which can be previewed and purchased online at

As a representative for the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) since 2004, she has managed and conducted various research projects in Europe, including the CCL’s ambitious research on Emerging Leaders.  She also worked with the cross-cultural Global Voice of Leadership team, prototyping and creating together with the CCL’s colleagues and IDEO’s think-tank a new program for developing Emerging Leaders in Central and Eastern Europe.

Before joining the CCL, Antonija was People Value Management Consultant with Hewitt Associates in Vienna. In her consulting role she worked daily with multinational corporations providing advice and workshops on various key “soft skills” topics. In addition, Antonija conducted one-on-one feedback sessions and coaching, working mainly with clients from the IT industry.

Antonija holds a master’s degree (MPhil) in Psychology of Education from the University of Cambridge (in the specialist area “The Psychological Investigation of Intellectual Development”). Previous to Cambridge, she graduated with multiple honours at Webster University in Vienna, majoring in psychology.  Since 1997, she has taught an undergraduate course on Industrial Psychology at the University for Hotel Management in Vienna, Austria, and since 2002, she has been an adjunct faculty member at Webster University in Vienna.  In 2007 at Webster University, she co-lectured a course on Exploring Human Nature with legendary Dr. Phil Zimbardo.

In her free time she enjoys composing piano music, painting, reading and travel.  She is married with one daughter.

Antonija can be reached at or +43.676.5188.357.