Kevin Asbjornson's Musical Mission

This article is courtesy of Accent: The Official Publication of the Yamaha Piano Division, Spring, 2002 edition.

To Denver-based composer, recording artist and Yamaha artist Kevin Asbjornson, the piano is more than merely a musical instrument. Asbjörnson is an advocate of the soothing musical genre known as Contemporary Piano, a blending of New Age, Smooth Jazz, Classical, Soft-Rock, and International styles. He sees his musical style as a means for emotional healing, a catalyst to enhance creativity in adolescents and in the business world, and as the ideal vehicle to convey a corporate philosophy.

Asbjörnson has applied his talent and ideas to a number of similarly-minded interdisciplinary organizations. He is the founder of PianoOne®, and independent record label, music production company and home of resident artist initiatives and he is the creator of the Artistry of Leadership™ program, designed to enhance the practice of creative talents and emotional intelligence in the workplace. Asbjörnson is also performing artist in residence for the Center for Creative Leadership® (CCL), an executive education organization whose mission is, " advance understanding, practice and development for leadership for the benefit of society." In addition, he has served as artist in residence for the Colorado Boys Ranch, a treatment facility for boys with severe emotional and behavioral problems.

"The goal of these musical performances is to promote healing, encourage positive energy, and help people apply their artistic powers to unique situations," he explains. "Connecting with individuals in the audience, whether they are artists, adolescents, educators, coaches or executives, creates and interactive stage for exploration. Most people have never considered their artistic capacities, and the piano is a wonderful tool for conveying that message."

Asbjörnson recently shared that vision as keynote speaker and performing artist at the January 7, 2002 Artistry of Leadership presentation for the Verizon executives at New York's Rainbow Room (where he performed on a Yamaha S4), and on January 19, 2002 in Colorado Springs, where he honored the United States Olympic Committee at the CCL event, "Leadership-Creating Connections" with a performance of his original composition, "Turning Point".  I was inspired by the role of an Olympic coach throughout an athlete's life cycle and the significant 'turning points' of their relationship," he notes, "from identifying and developing potential to creating meaningful connections." "Turning Point," included on the new CD Collage (PianoOne), was composed on a Yamaha Disklavier C3 and recorded on Yamaha C7.

As a Yamaha artist, Asbjörnson admires and strongly identifies with the philosophy of Creating Kando Together.  "Yamaha has embodied this concept of inspiring the heart and spirit into products which have, on many levels, emotional appeal," he explains. "Their pianos consistently product bright, full-tone sounds and are the best channel for my music. We share the mutual belief that music can tell a story, evoke emotion and remind us of what is really important in life."


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