Business Committee for the Arts imageBusiness Committee for the Arts Honors Clients of Kevin Asbjörnson, MIM and Inspire! Imagine! Innovate!®

"When it comes to believing in the power of the arts to inspire leadership, creativity and success, the best companies supporting the arts are all on the same page." -Business Committee for the Arts

For the past ten years leadership consultant and motivational keynote speaker, Kevin Asbjörnson's professional services firm, Inspire! Imagine! Innovate!, has been on the cutting edge of leadership training using the international language of music to reframe leadership effectiveness in the corporate environment.

Over the years, companies honored by the BCA (Business Committee for the Arts) like American Express, Boeing, Northwestern Mutual and Principal Financial Group have benefited from Kevin Asbjornson's unique training that integrates the art of music with leadership performance. Kevin, a BCA Colorado chapter member, fully supports this year's BCA Top Ten award winners.

As one of the country's top proponents and practitioners of arts-based leadership training and consulting, Kevin enables companies to integrate Emotional Intelligence (EQ) into the language of leadership. Using his original piano music as a platform, he taps into the leader's EQ, leading to an awakening in artistic competencies which leads to an increased clarity and capacity for self-awareness, creative expression and empathy.

Through a process of journaling, reflection and facilitated discussion, Kevin ignites the power of focus, interpretation, visioning and listening that unlocks creative potential, which inspires creative leadership resulting in greater organizational productivity, collaboration and business performance.

Kevin's keynote, the "Artistry of Leadership," infuses business leaders with a rare and elusive skill: the capacity to lead by inspiration, which sparks imagination and triggers innovation. View a short film capturing this unique performance.

As a leading international practitioner, trainer and keynote speaker, Kevin has presented his Artistry of Leadership to Global 2000 companies, federal government agencies and not-for-profit, philanthropic, community, healthcare and educational leadership programs throughout the world. Review the client list of Inspire Imagine Innovate.

For a more in-depth review of Kevin services either as your next keynote leadership speaker or workshop facilitator, order a complimentary DVD portfolio here.