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Awakenings REVIEWS

A quiet walk

I listened to Awakenings for the first time today. It is the first snowfall, a quiet walk in the woods, and fine wine all wrapped into one. I cannot stop playing it. You are truly gifted.

Contact: M. Novak
Geneva, Nebraska

Sandra Marshall
What's New In Music
NAPRA Review

This independent, multi-artist label’s debut exudes calming, flowing cohesion.  A classically trained pianist and contemporary songwriter, Asbjörnson presents New Age mellow with refined style; his 11 original compositions are touching and rewarding.

Liner notes communicate the inspirations sparking each piece, like "SongBird", which expressively conveys the composer’s love for his sister Beth.  Anyone who appreciates music of gentleness will enjoy this CD as a gift and as an introduction to a pleasing artist.

Contact: Sandra Marshall

John J. Cimino, Jr.
Associated Solo Artist, Inc.

Sunny reminiscences, transparent soundscapes, daydream images free of shadow and conflict, impressionistic inventions suggesting wistful, sentimental story fragments - each selection rendered with stylistic and emotional signature based on simple, open tonalities and easy-going rhythmic patterns.

I am happy to hear Kevin Asbjornson’s very professional and sincere approach to music-making. There will be many who will enjoy his music with its pure and potentially relaxing acoustical flow. In particular, anyone familiar with Don Campbell’s book The Mozart Effect will recognize in Asbjörnson’s music the unswervingly comfortable frame of mind which music of its type has been known to evoke to the therapeutic advantage of many listeners burdened with stress and illness induced anxiety. Without a doubt, each of Asbjörnson's pieces is pleasant, cheerful and easy to listen to.

From a technical standpoint, the presentation is essentially flawless, albeit pianistically uncomplicated and performed at a more or less uniform dynamic throughout. In this listener’s opinion, the collection could benefit from more storytelling contrasts-in harmony, rhythm and texture both within individual selections and among the collected pieces - as a complement to this genre’s fundamentally bright sonority. The sound quality of the recording, by the way, is absolutely pristine, attractively resonant and present.

Contact: John J. Cimino, Jr.

Awakenings is a very passionate and inspirational journey.

Since buying Kevin's CD, Awakenings, two weeks ago, I have listened to it so many times. It reminds me to stay on track with my passions. The second I hear the sweet sounds of Awakenings, I get transported to a place and time that connects me with something so meaningful. I can feel Kevin's energy and passion as he moves through his music. His music keeps me connected and centered and puts me into such a peaceful and hopeful state. Your music gives me that gift. Kevin, you are a wonderful artist. I can't' wait to hear your new CD, Inner Voices, especially after hearing you play the title song a couple of weeks ago in Colorado. It felt very special to hear you. Follow your passion! You are so gifted!

Contact: Janet
Boston, Massachusett



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