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Ten Original Piano Solos Composed with Casual Elegance

A Colorado-based-pianist, soundtrack composer, teacher and activist, Asbjörnson has released three CDs of piano solos. He plays with a light, melodic touch that is slightly understated-somewhat like a softer-sounding version of George Winston.

These ten originals are pretty, and push ahead with casual elegance, melody lines and accompanying left-hand figures blending together with a neat momentum. No notes are wasted, and all the phrases move forward into a satisfying total structure.

The unity of effect created within the multi-linear compositions is almost classical in the way it seems to present a series of inevitable correct musical choices. "Heart of a Hero", dedicated to the Colorado Boys Ranch, is typical of this pianist's easy command of multiple inner voices.

Contact: New Alternatives for Publishers, Retailers & Artists, Inc.
NAPRA Review

Collage is Love spelled M-U-S-I-C

The piano is (and perhaps will always be) the instrument that offers the best voice for emotional release. Thus, the piano is the perfect instrument for composer Kevin Asbjornson because his heart, and his music, is filled with love, sweetness and healing.

Collage consists of ten songs all composed and played by Kevin...songs this reviewer found to be meditative, transportive and filled with life. Kevin is a master of the piano and as such is able to express his original music in a very tangible way.

Each of his songs offers a guide to fulfillment, enchantment, beauty, honor, serenity and spiritual values. The title song on track seven, for instance, speaks of the variety of people places, experiences and emotions we all find on life's path.

Song ten, titled Turning Point leads the listener to understand and appreciate achievement from personal commitment and sacrifice. To put it another way, Kevin gives us love which, in his case, is spelled m-u-s-i-c. And no lyrics are necessary because Kevin's music says it all.

If you've been looking for contemporary piano solos that heal...your search is over. Collage by Kevin Asbjornson is an album you'll play over and over again during all the special moments of your life...because Collage will make them special.

Contact: Richard Fuller
Senior Editor
Metaphysical Reviews

A Collection of Musical Paintings

I have to be honest. With so many solo piano recordings crossing my desk every month, it's hard not to be prejudiced against them. It's not that many of these recordings aren't beautifully packaged and produced or filled with virtuoso playing; it's just that there are so many of them, and so few manage to make an impact anywhere except the market where the pianist lives and plays. Thankfully, once in a while a collection of truly lovely all-original compositions catches my ear. Such is the case with Asbjörnson's Collage, ten compositions that combine a heartfelt lyricism with a clear understanding of the link between music and spirituality. Drawing inspiration from sources as diverse as Habitat for Humanity, Olympic athletes, contemporary poet Jim Francek, and the transcendent beauty of the night sky above Mycenae, Greece, Asbjörnson's Collage is a collection of musical paintings celebrating the various ways in which life shimmers with meaning and beauty. Standout tracks include "Aristea," "Surrender," and "Grace".

Contact: C.M.
Music Reviewer-New Age Voice

Warms my soul

Collage has charmed my heart, enlightened my spirit and warmed my soul...a much needed thing this time of year. You are much like the music you make.....easy to listen too, deep in thought and spirit and very warm on a cold winter day.

Contact: H. Beasecker
Littleton, Colorado

How your music puts me back in a particular mindset

I purchased your music and listen to it often. I can't describe vividly enough how your music puts me back in a particular mindset; one of calm, thoughtful, creative, almost meditation like state. I keep it with me on my IPOD, at my work, and in my home. I value your music more than anything I've ever listened to, and have listened to it periodically for over 7 years. I can't say that about any other CD I've ever owned. THANK YOU.

Contact: Sam Casale
Director, Operations Finance
McCormick & Co.



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