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Inner Voices REVIEWS

A clear child's vision

Singings of wind, rustle of leaves, warm summer rain. Far from the virtual troubles of fussy city, here you can be tete a tete with the Nature, you can feel the life, you can be in private. And music of Kevin Asbjornson brings you to that secret place. Its mood is very bright. There is vitality in it, there is intention to be in this world. And it is easier to be here together with crystal piano melodies by Kevin Asbjornson... The melodies have something of the crystal clear and clinking piano of George Winston. But Kevin Asbjornson's music is special at the same time, it is simpler, there is a lot of calm joy in it.

There is a clear child's vision. The music is understandable and absolutely real: here it is, you can feel it. That reality of Kevin Asbjornson's music lifts the listener up, it allows him being beyond the problems. It makes therapeutic effect, helping to calm and to refresh. "Inner Voices" is the second album of Kevin Asbjornson, following its successful debut "Awakenings". The pianist has included in his new album not only the instrumental compositions: at "I'll Love You From the Heart" you can hear profound vocal of Beth Asbjörnson.

Different events had inspired Kevin to create melodies of "Inner Voices"; he described them briefly in the album booklet. All the music keeps the same style. But it doesn't make boring, because you always feel the presence of the composer, and he communicates with you in a very warm and pleasant manner. You feel similarly with a glass of good wine, in a company of old, faithful friends, whom you haven't seen for ages. I especially like the touching composition "Heart Of Gold", dedicated to Karen, the musician's sister. And - last but not the least - one more quality of this music. Don't afraid to turn it on in any mood - it will never try to suppress you by any means.

I am grateful for Andrej Karatkewich for his help in the preparation of the English variant of this review. This review of Inner Voices is also available in the Russian language. Please email your request for a Russian language version directly to Serge Kozlovsky.

Contact: Serge Kozlovsky

Music easily draws mental pictures & emotions from listener.

I was introduced to Kevin's music in Colorado where he lives. In a very personal setting, he played a number of compositions from the album, Inner Voices. All are very emotive and powerful pieces that I highly recommend. The album is clearly for anyone who enjoys piano solos. I found the music more evoking of mental images than comparable music from George Winston and similar composers.

Contact: John Kiely

Enchanting melodies

Kevin's compositions are lyrical and soothing to the spirit. Their gentleness is particularly inspiring. When listening quietly, I feel as though I'm in a pool of warmth. If the intention is to produce quiet moments of peace and reflection, Kevin's artistry has done it with class. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

Contact: Catherine Scherer
Author-The Internationalists


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