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Motivational Speaker Kevin Asbjörnson


Leadership is a performing art and requires the ability to inspire the performance, potential and well-being in others.

Inspire Imagine Innovate is an international alliance of professional educators, executive coaches, performing artists and master facilitators who inspire personal transformation, engage the imagination and develop engaging leadership.

Our clients engage us to enhance their ability to;

  • Inspire - Individual & Collective Potential
  • Imagine - Constructive, Collaborative Performance
  • Innovate - High Performance Teams & Workgroups

For insightful, empirical research on Inspirational Leadership, the global leadership model for the second decade of our 21st century, published by Bain & Company, please read How Leaders Inspire: Cracking the Code


Love Live Forgive

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Client Testimonials

“Artistry of Leadership and Kevin’s approach really take you to your heart and to your soul, what your purpose is as a leader and what you’re really trying to accomplish with other people.”

Charles Fred, CEO
The Breakaway Group


Kevin Asbjornson Music Featured in Inspirational Life Videos.

Kevin Asbjörnson collaborates with Inspiration Life in Germany, to produce inspirational life videos.

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Kevin Asbjornson is featured in the books The Spiritual Significance of Music and Love Live Forgive-Insights from Artists. Please visit The Spiritual Significance of Music or Love Live Forgive-Insights from Artists to download the complimentary eBook or to make a purchase.

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Capitalizing on Complexity

Creativity and Creative Leadership considered the most important global leadership quality, followed by Integrity (2) and Global Thinking (3).


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