Innovation Results from Inspired Leadership


Review the IBM Report – Cultivating Organizational Creativity Within an Age of Complexity

Leaders who embrace the dynamic tension between creative disruption and operational efficiency can create new models of extraordinary value

Global Innovation 1000 - Why Culture is Key

Booz & Company's 2011 annual study shows that spending more on R&D won't drive results. The most crucial factors are strategic alignment and a culture that supports innovation. Inspiring or Engaging Leadership understands that culture is the #1 responsibility of organizational leadership and culture cannot be delegated to anyone. Leadership of organizational culture is more of a performing art, than a science. It requires, practice, rehearsal and meaningful engagement with the intended audience.

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I3 Model of Performance: Inspiration, Imagination, Innovation.

The Boston Consulting Group publishes an annual survey on the World’s Most Innovative Companies and redefines “innovation” and the primary role of leadership, which is to appropriately rewire an organization for creativity and growth. Technology innovation, process innovation, product innovation and business model innovation are simply not possible without inspired leadership.

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Truly inspirational leaders engage the imagination of their people, encouraging them to see things differently and think about possibilities. Only when we learn to do this do we move and empower people to sustainable innovation.  Many leaders and organizations attempt to enhance innovation without setting the stage and equipping their employees with the appropriate tools and support required to sustain innovation. An understanding of the art of leadership as taught by Kevin Asbjornson, in his Artistry of Leadership—Creating Meaningful Connections®, develops these skills at all levels of an organization.”

In the executive leadership, professional program training workshop and keynote events, Kevin Asbjornson reconstructs the stage of the global performance and experience-based economy, and his Artistry of Leadership-Creating Meaningful Connections® provides an interactive experience for his audience to explore, discover and practice the creative competencies that are critical to Inspiration, Imagination and Innovation.

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Accessing Climate of Performance

There is no such thing as a flat organization.  Each organization has a unique geometry of people, energy and connections. It is not uncommon for leaders to be unaware of their organization’s geometry, and as a result they fail to leverage people’s intrinsic motivation and creativity to generate sustainable innovation. 

Leaders are often preoccupied with evaluating the return on investment of their people, products and services. However, there is another qualitative measurement which gauges a leader’s ability to create meaningful connections and establish alignment with his or her people. This measurement is called Reach and Influence of audience (RIA).

Evaluating individual performance in the workplace often overlooks the climate or work environment, which greatly influences employee’s ability to be creative and innovate.  KEYS® to Creativity is a survey that articulates the unique conditions necessary to inspire creativity and innovation within a workgroup or organization.  To preview KEYS® to Creativity, click here

The Denison Organizational Culture Survey translates often difficult to understand behavioral concepts about organization culture into tangible, everyday business action and strategies. It enables leaders, key stakeholders and employees of all levels to understand the impact their culture has on the organization's performance and learn how to redirect their culture to improve organizational effectiveness.