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Inspirational Speaker Kevin Asbjörnson Inspires Leadership Performance

Kevin Asbjörnson, World-Class Edutainer-Inspirational Professional Keynote Speaker with the Unique Ability to Inspire, Educate and Entertain the Audience, addresses the "Process and Principle of Innovation" resulting from Inspired Performance.

Kevin Asbjörnson Keynote Event imageTwenty-first century society yearns for an inspirational leadership of possibility; a leadership based more on hope, aspiration, and innovation than on the replication of historical patterns of constrained pragmatism.

Luckily, such a leadership is possible today. For the first time in history, leaders can work backward from their aspirations and imagination rather than forward from the past. The gap between what people can imagine and what they can accomplish has never been smaller.

Responding to the challenges and yearnings of the twenty first century demands anticipatory creativity. Designing options worthy of implementation calls for levels of inspiration and passionate creativity that, until recently, have been more the domain of artists and artistic processes than the domain of most leaders and managers. As a business speaker and trainer, Kevin teaches leaders to merge together these 21st Century skills.

Keynote Speaker & Leadership Trainer Kevin Asbjörnson Article & Video Review:

  • Complimentary DVD Portfolio: This Complimentary DVD Portfolio demonstrates how keynote speaker Asbjörnson and Inspire! Imagine! Innovate! help leaders inspire performance.

  • Download Article: Exploring Inspired Leadership Through Music - by professional speaker and practitioner of inspired leadership training, Kevin Asbjörnson.

  • Review Keynote Speaker Event: Artistry of Leadership—Creating Meaningful Connections®. Performing arts-based training better prepares managers and leaders to compete in the performance and experience based economies of the world. An understanding of how the art of Engaging Leadership inspires performance within executives, is at the core of leadership speaker Kevin Asbjörnson and Inspire! Imagine! Innovate!.

  • Video Preview: This short film of Kevin as Keynote Speaker demonstrates how leadership speaker Kevin Asbjörnson utilizes the language of music to develop inspire and transformational leaders.

  • Speaker Bureaus: Most Keynote Speaker Bureaus recognize Kevin Asbjörnson as a leading executive trainer and keynote practitioner.

Founder & Principal Performing Artist, Kevin Asbjörnson

Kevin's inspirational speeches, through motivational and inspired leadership development, are setting the standard for leading edge keynote events. The time is right for artistic imagination to co-create the best and most influential leadership of our planet. Kevin's Keynote Speaker Event, Artistry of Leadership—Creating Meaningful Connections®, imparts these skills to 21st Century Leaders.

Performance is a function of psychological capacity and mental or physical ability fueled by Inspiration.  When you think of inspiring performances in your life, what specific events come to mind?  People typically refer to music concerts, theatre, sporting events and the Olympics. But, when was the last time you were personally inspired to your best performance at work? 

And, if you are in a leadership position, when was the last time you truly inspired performance in the people and organization you are leading? As a 21st Century Leadership Trainer and Speaker, Kevin Asbjörnson's arts-based methodology leverages inspirational motivation techniques that inspire imagination and self-motivation.

Inspirational Leadership Creates Inspired Performance & Intrinsic Motivation

Inspiring performance in others requires a unique leadership perspective. It begins with the idea of Inspiration vs. Motivation. People inherently find motivation from within. But life’s stresses and pressure often occupy the space they need for inspiration.

Therefore, inspiring or inspirational motivation, rather than "motivating," becomes the most important deliverable of leadership. As a speaker, Kevin's inspirational leadership keynote events compare leadership and motivation, to help begin to understand the role of a leader to inspire and, therefore, enable people to unleash their inherent motivation.

I3 Model of Performance & Eight Keys to Inspired Leadership

Why should inspiration be every leader’s focus? Because Inspiration fuels Imagination, which triggers Innovation. And, Innovation is the engine that drives success in the new global economy. The dynamic between these three I’s is explained in the I3 Model of Performance.

Inspiring performance in others as a leader or speaker also requires the same set of skills used by performing artists. That’s why truly inspirational leaders practice leadership as a performing art. They do this by following the Eight Keys to Inspired Leadership™. This inspirational leadership process is designed to help guide leaders through the skills critical to developing inspired leadership.

Inspirational Speaker Kevin Asbjörnson's Music and Engaging Leadership Keynote
Music is the international language of emotion.  Emotional intelligence is the international language of Engaging Leadership. Read speaker Kevin Asbjornson's review of Engaging Leadership. Performing artists who effectively reach and stay connected with their audiences are able to consistently evoke emotion and provoke thoughtful reflection. A leader or speaker who learns to integrate artistic and inspirational motivation into his or her leadership abilities, will become an inspired leader.

Music reconnects us with our authentic self, engages our senses and awakens us to the people, places and possibilities around us! Music, as leadership, has the potential to transform and inspire people. As a professional keynote speaker, Kevin uses the art of music to teach leaders how to connect with their emotional intelligence and inspire motivation in their people.

Engaging Leadership is a Performing Art

While traditional leadership has advocated the rationalization of thought and suppression of emotion within an organization, Engaging Leadership understands that leadership is a performing art which requires an integration of performing arts-based training into leadership development initiatives.