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World class Edutainer-Keynote Speaker with the Unique Ability to Inspire, Educate and Entertain the Audience, Kevin Asbjörnson, MIM Creates Unique Interactive Experiences

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Keynote Speaker - Kevin Asbjörnson, MIM
Kevin Asbjornson Keynote SpeakerOf international high impact keynote speakers, professional speaker Kevin Asbjornson, MIM, is highly sought after for his customized inspirational Leadership and Performance event, Artistry of Leadership - Creating Meaningful Connections®.

This interactive leadership experience uniquely leverages Performing Arts-based Training and leadership and motivational theories, as Kevin models the keys to Inspiring Creative Leadership that fuels unprecedented creativity, teamwork and productivity through an emotional experience base in the art of leadership.

2009 Marquis Who's Who in the World of Global Citizens - Kevin Asbjörnson
2009 Marquis Who's Who in the World of Global CitizensColorado’s favorite contemporary pianist, composer & keynote inspirational speaker, Kevin D. Asbjörnson, is becoming one the world’s preferred contemporary pianists, composers & keynote inspirational speakers!

Kevin is recognized in the 2009 Marquis Who's Who in the World of Global Citizens for his creativity with the integration of music, performing arts-based learrning and 21st Century Leadership!

Click here to: Preveiw a Press Announcment on this citation. To reveiw a short high-defintion film on Kevin’s unqiue performingh arts-based keynote events, please visit The Artistry of Leadership.

The Music of Leadership
Artistry of Leadership TrainingMusic is an art form consisting of sound and silence expressed through time. Elements of sound as used in music are pitch (including melody and harmony), rhythm (including tempo and meter) and sonic qualities of timbre, articulation, dynamics and texture (Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia).

Leadership is a performing art and requires the abilities to create, inspire and sustain followership (Kevin D. Asbjörnson, MIM ).

The language and elements of music represent a unique and refreshing metaphor of leadership; As Artist; As Leader.  Kevin Asbjornson translates the language and elements of music for managers and leaders through his design of interactive workshops and musical experiences which parallel the worlds of performing artists with leaders.  Managers and leaders become musicians and composers with Kevin in order to explore, discover and practice the creative and artistic competencies of Inspired Leadership.  To preview the client impact of The Artistry of Leadership-Creating Meaningful Connections®, please click here.

To read the article Emotional Dynamisum:  Playing the Music of Leadership by Terri Egan, PhD and Ann E. Feyerherm, PhD, please click here.



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The Keys to Inspired Leadership
Artistry of Leadership

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