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Linda Naiman

Linda Naiman Linda Naiman began her career as a design consultant specialising in marketing communications to some of Vancouver’s leading companies. The multi-disciplinary nature of her work, led her to explore artistic processes and their applications to leadership and transformation. She is now recognized globally for pioneering arts-based learning as a catalyst for developing creativity, innovation, and collaborative leadership in organizations.

Linda has spoken about art, design and transformational leadership at US Navy Leadership Symposiums, Leadership Labs at the Banff Centre in Canada, and Singapore Management University. Organizations who have sought out Linda for her expertise include American Express, AstraZeneca, BP International, and Intel.

Linda is co-author with Arthur VanGundy of Orchestrating Collaboration at Work: Using Music, Improv, Storytelling, and Other Arts to Improve Teamwork (Wiley 2003), which is highly regarded by her peers in organizational learning and development. Her writings on creativity and innovation have appeared in numerous business journals including Perspectives on Business and Global Change, published by the World Business Academy. She has been featured in The Vancouver Sun, The New Zealand Herald, The Globe and Mail, Canadian Business Magazine, and interviewed on CBC Radio, and on National Public Radio.

Her metadisciplinary approach to the arts-in-business has been documented in several books: Constructive Discourse and Human Organization: Advances in Appreciative Inquiry (Cooperidder, 2004) Artful Creation: Learning Tales of Arts-in-Business (Darsø 2004) Artbased Approaches: A Practical Handbook to Creativity at Work (Chemi 2006), and Wake Me Up When the Data Is Over (Silverman 2006).

Linda is founder of Creativity at Work.com and refers to her work as Corporate Alchemy. She is an associate business coach at the University of British Columbia, and her courses are part of the management certification program at Royal Roads University.

Linda holds a BFA from California College of the Arts. She is a graduate of Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design and Corporate Coach University. Linda is a life-long artist and believes in making life and work, a work of art.

Linda can be reached at ln@creativityatwork.com or +604.327.1565.