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Music Of Kevin Asbjornson

“Kevin – I listen to your music all the time, so I thought I would relay a great story from my daughter about your CD Collage.  When I returned home, I had it playing in the car and the kids asked to listen to Radio Disney instead.  After a week or so, they started to request your CD, so we listen to it all the time now. 

The other night we were driving home and Jamie, my 8 year old asked to listen to number four on the Collage CD.  After the song was over, she said that the song was "poignant" (a word she learned in school that week) and it touches her heart!  She said that as she
has listened to the CD, it sometimes sounds happy and sometimes sad. Apparently number four reminds her of great grandma (who is deceased) and our old dog!  She then informed me that she likes your music better than Radio Disney - I know you don't have kids, but that is big for an 8-year-old. However, the best is yet to come.  We got home, went inside and she took the CD with her and put it on in the house and sat and listened and listened.

Excited that she might actually appreciate "real" music, after your CD was over, I gave her a George Winston CD to listen to ... thinking if she likes Kevin, she will like George.  She listened to the first song, got up, took it out of the player and put yours back on, turned and said the other guy is way better than this new guy!  Move over George! 

Wanted to share this with you as I thought it was the highest form of compliment from the toughest critic – a kid! The postscript to this story is that we have now started using your music to help Jamie relax and calm down if she is upset!  It works wonders – thanks  
for sharing your talent with our group!  You have made a difference!
Talk to you soon. 

Marcy Suntken

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