Music and Spirituality

“For heights and depths no words can reach, music is the soul’s own speech”

– Anita Robertson

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Music is the language of our soul and the soul is the residence of our spirituality. Our lives are filled with music everywhere on the Internet, television, radio and iTunes which we cannot avoid hearing; however, do we really listen to the music of our life?

There is a profound difference between hearing music and listening to music - Hearing music is simply a physiological, involuntary response to the vibrations of sound waves which our ears detect; listening to music is a voluntary, active engagement of the music, with all of our senses and which provokes our thought and evokes our emotion.

Our spirituality can be likened to an inner voice which permanently resides within each of us.  This inner voice is often not easily heard due to the distraction of noise and filters in our daily life; our inner voice requires the discipline of listening with the intention to discover and then engage.

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens” – Carl Jung

Our spirituality or inner voice does not parade itself as an exterior manifestation in our life; it must be awakened from within and then cultivated through alignment with the decisions we make in life and the behaviors we choose to express with our self and others. 

My instrument and voice as a professional musician is the acoustic grand piano. There are two adjustments to an acoustic grand piano that require constant attention: tuning and toning. 

Tuning the voice of an acoustic grand piano is the process of ensuring that the pitch of each key on the piano creates the intended sound of a musical note, such as A, B flat or C sharp.  Musical notes are actually sound vibrations and our spirituality or inner voice is like a musical instrument; how we care for and maintain our spirituality or inner voice, affects the sounds we experience internally and project externally. 

Toning the voice of an acoustic grand piano is the process of adjusting, through softening or hardening, the striking action of the hammers against the strings in order to fully utilize the dynamic range of the entire piano keyboard. The tone of our spirituality or inner voice is also life’s musical instrument; how we approach and engage the musical instrument affects the sound it produces. 

I notice that my audiences hear my tune and feel my tone as a performing artist.  If my tune is out of alignment with my tone as a performing artist, however; it impacts my ability to connect with my audience.

There is a tune and tone to our spirituality and inner voice. When we are listening, we can hear the tune of our spirituality; when we are present with life in the moment, we can feel the tone of our spirituality.

Unfortunately, the tune and tone of our spirituality are often out of alignment with each other and we experience dissonance within ourselves.  When we experience dissonance within ourselves, we project dissonance outside ourselves to the people, decisions and challenges we face each day of our life. 

Music assists us in creating meaningful connections within ourselves, and with the significant others in our life.  If we do not have a meaningful connection with our spirituality or inner voice, we are inhibited from creating meaningful connections with others and the decisions or challenges we face in life.

“The real artistry of life is to live our life from the inside out and experience the integration of our spirituality or inner voice with our orientation, actions and decisions towards the physical life”

– Kevin D. Asbjornson, MIM.

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