The Artistry of Healthcare: Integrating Music for Healing

The Value and Benefits of Performing and Expressive Arts in Healthcare

While clinical assessment and treatment is a necessary part of physical healing, the patient's emotional experience continues to increase in importance and goes beyond medical applications. The power of music's influence in healthcare, partnered with spiritual principles, significantly reduces stress and anxiety of the patient and creates a support ambiance in the healthcare environment for the healthcare practitioners, patients and their families. Performing and expressive arts can be focused particularly in the area of hospice and palliative care, which are services geared toward the nurturing aspect of health, healing or well-being. Music is the international language of emotion and compliments the process of fostering care and empathy; the foundation of emotionally intelligent healthcare services.

According to Kevin Asbjornson, MIM, a professional educator, composer, international recording artist and practitioner of Arts in Healthcare;

Healthcare"Healthcare and musicianship are both performing arts based upon a foundation and practice of integral health science. Musicians, like healthcare practitioners, must develop the ability to work on a highly collaborative and interdisciplinary stage of performance in order to foster healing effectively." 

Here is one testimonial on the impact of music as a healing art, from a patient of hospice and palliative care;

"I have a personal story that is quite incredible and amazing even to me, that I remain here on Earth. Faced with life threatening illness over the past few years, I have spent many days in the hospital with surgery, blood transfusions from anemia and a stay in our local hospice with just a few months to live. Despite my physical struggles, I have always had a spirit to live. Music has given me huge blessings of hope, resilience and strength to heal. Kevin's music is calming, uplifting, motivating and deep. It speaks to the human mind, heart and experience and what we are here for, to support each other and enjoy life. He has a way of composing songs that represent our experiences that resonate throughout our lives in piano notes that touch the soul and change us. The affinity of his music is significant and changing for all of us, catapulting those who are willing to be moved by music to bring our own lives to a new level and lift the soul".

Leslie-North Carolina
October 2009

Well Being

The premise of well being is grounded in health and success which leads to a happy, fulfilling life and what everyone desires in different degrees. Kevin Asbjornson uses his mastery of emotional-social intelligence (ESI), inter-personal communications acumen and original, acoustic instrumental music to teach all of his clients about hope and endurance whether they are patients or providers. His inspiring, calming and healing art helps to raise their sense of well being. This not only has an effect physically and in compliment to medical treatment, but impacts those affected by his music mentally, emotionally, spiritually, professionally and socially. This is the core of well being that music encourages and reinforces.


Health is often taken for granted and encompasses all aspects of our lives. Healthy living and well being is multifaceted and involves the physical and emotional parts of life at the simple level. Healthcare also comes in many varieties and a more holistic approach has been proven best for thousands of years. The cornerstone of highly effective performance in healthcare and musicianship is emotional engagement to honor the spirit of health.  According to Kevin Asbjornson, MIM;

"Music is probably the most effective medium to engage patients in hospice and palliative care because music is the international language of emotion and the affective domain is where meaningful connections with others are created," To preview a short film on how music is used in the development of emotional engagement and emotionally-intelligent leadership for individuals and organizations, click here.


The environment of all healthcare facilities is the first point of experience for most patients dealing with illness. Music can be applied to calm the patient and begin the process of reducing anxiety, stress and concern on behalf of the patient and their loved ones through the arts. Kevin is a pioneer of integrating emotional-social intelligence with expressive arts and integrative healing , invigorating healthy relationships between the patient and heath care providers in an approach that encompasses all facets and brings together the patient, healthcare and families to heal.

Why Healthcare Professionals Partner with Kevin Asbjornson & Inspire! Imagine! Innovate!?

Society for Arts in HealthcareKevin is a prominent member of the Society for Arts in Healthcare which is a professional association dedicated to promoting the incorporation of the arts as an integral component of healthcare. Kevin is also an honorary member of the American Music Therapy Association.

He is a certified practitioner and facilitator of the Baron EQ-i and Baron EQ-i assessment of Emotional-Social Intelligence (ESI), considered to be the most widely used assessment of Emotional-Social Intelligence (ESI) in the world. Kevin serves as Adjunct Faculty & Performing Artist in Residence with the Scripps Center for Integrative Health.

Kevin is also a key principal of composers, musicians and performing artists of Acoustitherapy who produce a specific line of acoustic instrumental stress reduction music, healing music and relaxation music, for integration into healthcare facilities, patient healing therapy plans and music therapy programs.  To preview, listen to and purchase the music of Acoustitherapy, please click here.

Acoustitherapy music is also suitable for pre and post-treatment plans of physicians, nurses, music therapists, dentistry, psychologists, counselors, psychiatrists, chiropractors, massage therapists and Chaplains of hospitals, hospices and palliative care.

American Music Therapy AssociationKevin serves a number of clients in healthcare with his music, educational and professional development training including American Academy of Family Physicians, American Heart Association, Calgary Health Region, Colorado Trust, Kansas Health Foundation, NISH Institute, Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education, Policy Studies, Inc., Scripps Health, Society for Arts in Healthcare and St. Elizabeth Regional Medical Center.

Kevin has effectively utilized and proven music's unique ability to enhance the learning capacity of children dealing with trauma and disabilities, to embrace their self-esteem and respect for others and to evoke the ability to express their emotions in constructive and meaningful ways. As Performing Artist in Residence, Kevin helps physically and emotionally challenged youth by providing customized Music Therapy Programs for the organizations that serve them. Kevin currently serves as Performing Artist in Residence at Boys & Girls Town - Missouri and Colorado Boys Ranch

To preview articles, research and websites on the impact of music in healthcare, medicine and neuroscience, please click here.

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