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Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

High-impact, effective leadership is based upon the awareness and practice of Emotional Intelligence (EQ).  The competencies of emotionally-intelligent leadership have been researched and validated for worldwide application and relevance. 

Contemporary Instrumental Music

Contemporary Instrumental Music is an international genre of music which appeals to all demographic and age groups and is exceptionally useful in learning, training and development, spa and resort, healthcare and restaurant environments. 

Performing Arts-based Training

Our worldwide performance and experience-based economy requires leaders to expand their competency and skill sets beyond “command and control” to “inspire and engage.” Performing artists have fine-tuned the artistic and creative competencies of “inspire and engage,” and provide high-impact, experience-based learning alternatives to traditional leadership training and development. To read the Arts & Business Quarterly article “Artists Help Empower Corporate America”, please Click Here.

Music in Healthcare, Medicine & Neuroscience

Music has historically served a role as a healing art and therapy for addressing anxiety, stress and wellness.  Music can also influence and create environmental ambiance for healthcare facilities which impacts the experience between patients and healthcare professionals. 

For heights and depths no words can reach, music is the soul’s own speech.

Books Referencing Music and/or Performing Arts-Based Training of Kevin Asbjornson

Becoming a Strategic Leader:
Your Role in Your Organization's
Enduring Success

by Richard Hughes & Kathrine M. Beatty

How to Be Your Own Booking Agent

by Jeri Goldstein

The Leader's Edge: Six Creative
Competencies for Navigating
Complex Challenges

by Charles Palus & David M. Horth

The Leader's Brain: How Are
You Using the Other 95%

by Dr. Bastiaan Heemsbergen

The Spiritual Significance of Music (Paperback)

by Justin St. Vincent