Executive leaders praise the transformational impact of professional leadership speaker Kevin Asbjornson, MIM and Artistry of Leadership - Creating Meaningful Connections, management training leadership seminars.


Kevin Asbjornson, MIM, was a semi-finalist in the Fast Company 2003 and 2004 Fast 50 Worldwide Reader Search for Trendsetters-Artists whose tireless creativity has changed the way we look at the world. To review the individual nominations of to the 2003 and 2004 Fast Company Fast 50 Worldwide Search for Trendsetters, click here .


“I must say again, how inspirational Artistry of Leadership-Creating Meaningful Connections® was for me. In your lecture (if you can call it that), you played a song and asked for our interpretation. My view of what I felt and saw would have been titled "Journey of Water Colors!" You set us in the round, we start with blank canvas, your piano is the thumb hold on the palette, you are the paint brush, and we are the water colors. As I watched the room, I noticed different people moving in sync, not only with the music but with each other. What is it you were painting was different for each of us, but we were all feeling some type of stimulate to our senses. This is where the watercolor connection comes in. We are all different, with different backgrounds/history, but while you were playing (the paint brush) the canvas was being created by us.

In closing, two people outside my inner circle have changed my life. The first was a person from Franklin Covey and now the second is you. Thank you again for such a great format and eye opening experience.”
 CRAIG CHARLTON, Manager, Boeing Company


“In planning our annual meeting, it was PSI's goal to create an event that would better prepare our management team to be more effective leaders and to inspire them to be more creative visionaries. Kevin literally and figuratively set the stage for the event. From the moment we walked through the doors to find an unexpected circle of chairs surrounding a grand piano to the moment we were asked to contemplate Kevin's orginal music while journaling our thoughts, our team found Kevin's imaginative alternative to the staid keynote a welcome start. He captured both the tune and the tone for a productive and enjoyable meeting.”
 JAMES DUNN, Vice President, Marketing, PSI


“Kevin combines three major assets: outstanding talent as both a performing musician and composer; a thorough grounding in the psychological principles underlying leadership and organization development; and an engaging, winsome personal style which makes him an effective presenter in front of an amazing array of different audiences.”
 DAVID CAMPBELL, Ph.D., Senior Fellow, Center for Creative Leadership


“Artistry of Leadership and Kevin’s approach really take you to your heart and to your soul, what your purpose is as a leader and what you’re really trying to accomplish with other people.”
CHARLES FRED, CEO, The Breakaway Group




“Artistry of Leadership is about accelerating learning.”
YOLAN WILLIAMS, SR. CONSULTANT, Leadership Development, Verizon Communications


“Artists connect us with the human story, taking us well beyond the skill and knowledge set. The best leaders do the same. Highly effective leaders also have rich character. [Artistry of Leadership] helps us access deep character.”
COLIN FUNK, Director of Creativity, The Banff Centre – Leadership Development


“The new leadership requires an artist’s touch. Kevin brings his audience, remarkably quickly and deeply, into an appreciation of what it means to exercise the artistry of leadership.”
CHARLES J. PALUS, Co-author, The Leader’s Edge: Six Competencies for Navigating Complex Challenges


“[Kevin’s] presentation has opened up for me a vision of how my gifts and talents as an engineer are connected to my gifts and talents as a musician, and how those can be integrated into my own leadership style.”
JANET P. WILLIAMS, P.E., Leonard Rice Engineers, Inc.


Learn how Kevin helps leaders go beyond managing and taps into the art of leadership. Through his Artistry of Leadership—Creating Meaningful Connections seminars, Kevin takes clients to another, deeper level of leadership and communication that has a transformational impact on the way executives see their world.