Why Yamaha?

As a composer, concert pianist and recording artist, I am often asked the question "Why Yamaha?" Yamaha pianos consistently produce bright, articulate, full-tone sounds throughout the entire range of piano octaves. This is one of the most unique characteristics of Yamaha pianos, which distinguishes Yamaha from other piano manufacturers.

I also respect and support the Yamaha global, corporate philosophy of "creating Kando together." "Kando" is a Japanese word that does not have a precise equivalent in English. "Kando" is something that inspires the heart and spirit ... That which deeply satisfies ... Appreciation ... Admiration ... An emotional impression or sensational feeling that touches the soul ... Emotionally moving.

"Kando" has always been a part of the PianoOne philosophy of creating contemporary, original piano solos that tell a story, evoke emotion and remind our listeners of what is really important in life. My goal is to create "Kando" together with my clients, partners, community and listeners through my music, as well as my involvement and support of arts and education and arts and business.

Kevin Asbjornson, MIM

Developing the role of performing arts with education and business.

Kevin's keynote event and Leadership and Development experience Artistry of Leadership - Creating Meaningful Connections , and his Performing Artist in Residence and experience-based learning programs, are among the most unique, interdisciplinary programs oriented to supporting and developing the role of arts with education and business. To learn more about Yamaha and Kando, please click here.