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New Clients and Appearances for
Kevin Asbjornson, MIM, and
Artistry of Leadership®

Thunderbird - The Garvin School of
International Management

"The Art of Being Truly Global"
Saturday, November 4 and Sunday, November 5
Glendale, Arizona

International Coaching Federation
"Be Inspired - Light the Fire" Conference
Saturday, November 12, 2005
San Jose, California

Liz Claiborne, Inc.
"Building Brand Value for Executive Leadership"
November 17-18, 2005
New York City, New York

Colorado Business Committee for the Arts
Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Denver, Colorado

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Key Inspiration for the Day:
The future belongs to the creative mind.
Kevin Asbjornson's groundbreaking leadership paradigm focuses on awakening emotional intelligence that facilitates inspired, creative leadership. Kevin's emphasis on the role of creativity in leadership is increasingly recognized throughout the business world, as is reflected in A Whole New Mind, a new book by business writer Daniel H. Pink.
He describes a seismic shift away from an Information Age dominated by "left brain" thinking to a Conceptual Age where people with "right brain" minds like artists, inventors and big picture thinkers will be the most successful. It's a change that Pink says business leaders should embrace if they are to remain on the cutting edge. Kevin Asbjornson's interactive leadership and performance experience, Artistry of Leadership®, shows business leaders how to access their internal creative and artistic competencies to inspire unparalleled productivity, synergy and collaboration. To learn more about Artistry of Leadership®, click here. To read learn more about A Whole New Mind and read an excerpt, visit Daniel H. Pink's Web site at www.DanPink.com.

In This Edition:

Kevin Asbjornson, MIM, Named to Faculty of Leadership Excellence University in Conjunction with BigSpeak Speaker Bureau Affiliation

Kevin Asbjornson’s Clients Acknowledged in Report Naming 2005 Top Companies for Growing Leaders

Market for Kevin Asbjornson's Music Grows with New Licensing Agreement with Fernwood Pacific LLC

Kevin Asbjornson, MIM, Named to Faculty of Leadership Excellence University in Conjunction with BigSpeak Speaker Bureau Affiliation

Kevin Asbjornson, MIM, has joined the faculty of Leadership Excellence University (LEU) as part of a newly completed representation agreement with BigSpeak, a top speaking bureau representing the most in-demand conference, retreat and meeting speakers.

LEU, a service of BigSpeak, is a learning resource for the corporate world that offers the insight, expertise and experience of luminaries in leadership education. As a faculty member of LEU, Kevin joins an elite group consisting of the finest business minds from America's top executive suites, business school faculties and consulting and training firms.

BigSpeak, based in Santa Barbara, Calif., specializes in creating high performance, entrepreneurial, values-driven organizations. As a BigSpeak speaker, Kevin becomes part of an esteemed group of internationally renowned keynote speakers, consultants and trainers. BigSpeak's clients and potential clients will be able to access in-depth information about Kevin and his Leadership and Performance experience, Artistry of Leadership, at the company's Web site. To visit BigSpeak online, click here.


Kevin Asbjornson's Clients Acknowledged in Report Naming 2005 Top Companies for Growing Leaders

A recently released report by Hewitt & Associates identifies the 2005 Top 20 US Companies for Leaders – companies that share a fresh approach to leadership that is linked directly to financial success. The results show that some of these companies have something else in common: they are clients of Kevin Asbjornson, MIM.

"I congratulate Liz Claiborne, Inc. and American Express for this well-deserved recognition," Kevin says. "Their commitment to leadership excellence and the practice of inspired leadership sets the standard for corporations around the world. Companies like these understand that in order to experience real growth, the traditional reliance on analysis must give way to a leadership approach focused on synthesis." This concept is part of business writer Daniel H. Pink's formula for success in his new book A Whole New Mind. (See Key Inspiration for the Day above.) To view a PDF of Hewitt Associates' full report, 2005 Top Companies for Leaders, click here.


Market for Kevin Asbjornson's Music Continues to Expand with New Licensing Agreement with Fernwood Pacific LLC

Kevin Asbjornson, MIM, has completed a music licensing agreement with Fernwood Pacific LLC, a leading producer of high quality branded music CDs for the most discriminating corporations and charities. The agreement gives Topanga, Calif.-based Fernwood non-exclusive rights to publish Kevin's original contemporary piano solo, "Fragile Hearts", on a forthcoming compilation CD. "Fragile Hearts" is from Kevin's CD" Collage."

"This is an exciting new collaboration," Kevin says. "Fernwood Pacific has an outstanding track record of success, with CDs produced for The Gap, Hallmark, and Kohls having sold millions of copies. I look forward to my music reaching and touching more and more people around the world." To learn more about Fernwood Pacific online, click here.

Kevin Asbjornson's DVD portfolio, featuring a Telly award-winning, high-definition film about Artistry of Leadership®, is now available.

The DVD includes information about Kevin’s groundbreaking work on creative leadership, his clients, testimonials and three complimentary recordings from his CDs of contemporary piano solos. To order a complimentary copy of the DVD, email Kevin's personal assistant at Cheryl.Callighan@PianoOne.com or call her toll-free, 877-457-3633.

Kevin's music makes a welcome, heartwarming gift for the holidays. A 3-CD gift pack of his original contemporary piano solos, as well as the Acoustitherapy Collection of CDs featuring recordings from Kevin and other acoustic instrumental artists, can be purchased with a credit card or check through the toll-free and online ordering services of Colorado Creative Music.

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