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Inspiring Creativity in Leaders With Music as a Medium
International Educator and Contemporary Pianist, Antonija Pacek of Vienna, Austria, explores the integration and impact of live music in leadership development sessions and demonstrates how live music stimulates and powerfully boosts our creative mind.  Ms. Pacek reminds us that organizations and corporations can embrace “experience-based learning” as an option for increasing employee engagement and that music builds a powerful link between developing creativity in leaders/employees and getting them in touch with their dreams, passions and feelings.

Leadership is a Performing Art
Performing artists and professional educators Kevin D. Asbjörnson, MIM, and Michael Y. Brenner, M.Ed. explore and translate a fresh approach to leadership in the 21st Century and propose a new metaphor of performing artist for current, emerging and future leaders to consider, in response to the global crisis of ineffective leadership. Rediscover the artistry of leadership and reconsider the practical and relevant relationship between performing artists and leaders through the Eight Keys to Inspired Leadership®. 

Live It to Lead It
In this recent article by Katie Daniels, Kevin Asbjornson’s presentation is lauded as “one of the most insightful moments” of CHR's recent “Exploring Health and Healing” conference. Learn more about CHR’s Live It to Lead It approach to health and wellness, facilitated by their time at the Banff Centre.

Leadership as a Performing Art
As a part of the Leadership as a Performing Arts Series, Kevin Asbjornson, MIM, will present the Artistry of Leadership—Creating Meaningful Connections on Wednesday, November 12th, 2008 at 7:00PM. The third performance of a three-part series also featuring Richard Olivier and David Whyte, the Artistry of Leadership will continue the series’ exploration of insights into leadership through theater, poetry and music. This unique event will be held at the Cornerstone Arts Center at Colorado College in Colorado Springs and will be free to the public. To learn more about attending this event, click here or download the PDF flyer here.

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The Music, Art & Science of Negotiation
Kevin D. Asbjornson, MIM and Karen S. Walch, PhD of the Thunderbird School of Global Management jointly published “The Music, Art & Science of Negotiation” to reframe the holistic nature and challenges associated with international negotiations and provide a fresh approach and metaphor to effective negotiations with international clients and colleagues. According to Kevin D. Asbjornson, MIM, Founder & Principal Performing Artist of Inspire! Imagine! Innovate!, “ International Negotiations is a performing art which requires constant practice and recalibration since no two audiences are ever the same.” To learn more about the Thunderbird School of Global Management, ranked #1 as the World’s Best School for Global Management by the Financial Times. Please visit www.t-bird.edu. To subscribe to Kevin Asbjörnson’s online Key Inspirations, please Click here.